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Melodie Starseed

Integrating Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Natural Body Care, Herbal Healing, Essential Oil Candles, Ethically Sourced Products, and Ascendance Of Mind, Body, and Spirit For The Atunement and Alignment Of Self With Nature And Everything That Is.

Brands, Services, & Products
 by Melodie 'Starseed' Maria

Learn about the holistic, natural, and healing products and services offered by Melodie Starseed through her individual brands.

Melodie Maria Yoga

Alignment Instruction; Manual Adjustments; Personalized Yoga; Breathing Techniques; Meditation; Mind-Body Centering; Herbal/Nutritional Consultations

Gem & Wander

Evolutionary & Jyotich/Vedic Astrology; Handmade Ethical Gemstone Jewelry Inspired By Nature; Natural Body Care; Herbal Healing; Incorporation of Yoga For Healthy Living

Sacred Forest Designs

Sacred, Natural, & Clean Burning High Quality Handmade Candles; Made With Essential Oils, Flower & Gem Essences, Organic Herbs, Gemstones, Glass Jars, & Bio-degradable Labels

Astrology Readings

Melodie Essig is trained in both Evolutionary Astrology (Western Astrology) and Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. Get a printable copy of your natal chart and a comprehensive interpretation.



Boulder, Colorado
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