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Gem & Wander

Handmade Ethical Gemstone Jewelry Inspired By Nature; Ethical Indian Clothing; Natural Body Care; Herbal Healing; Evolutionary & Jyotich/Vedic Astrology

Gem & Wander

Gem & Wander

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Ethical by definition can seem quite black and white, moralistic and judgmental. But we believe Ethical is an intention, a journey, a choice we make everyday – to not create harm, to do the best that we can, that our actions and words resonate with our deepest truths and aspirations. That when one has a choice to make more money at the expense of people and planet, their love for others dominates their greed for money.  We are not compromising our deepest values of love and compassion for all beings, for the earth and for ourselves. 

Much of the proceeds go towards Stop India and Salila Rising which are projects that help empower young women in India to give them food, education, shelter, and help them build a trade. We also donate to other charities like Amma's Orphanage, Sea Shepherds, and others of my choosing

Jyotish Astrology

Astrology Readings

$144 - 90 Minute Session

I've undergone extensive training in both Evolutionary Astrology (Western Astrology) and Jyotish/Vedic Astrology which I will use to create your own customized, printable natal chart and provide you with your comprehensive interpretation and star analysis of your chart.

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90 minute session

With Printable Natal Chart
and Comprehensive Interpretation

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